Stein II

Dichroic glass, stone

various dimensions



Stein I

Dichroic glass, stone

various dimensions








The piece Stein I-II

Invites the psychological and historical 

reflection of the homogeneous reality and the symbol, 

both aspects that we occasionally understand.


The work represents the stone, the origin,

the crystallization and the chemistry as well 

as the rhythm and the atoms which will continue

to shape peace and development.


"Stones are mute teachers: they silence the observer

and the most valuable lesson we learn from them

we cannot communicate" Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Glass mirror, stone, top in blown glass, coin

4 x 20,5 x 30 cm 


Time dilation

Video installation

Glass mirror, blown glass

4 x 30 x 20,5 cm 

© 2020


El número

Glass mirrors, microchip, carob tree

6 x 30 x 28 cm

© 2019













El número is a profound and symbolic work

that invites to historical and current reflection.


It is a work composed by a piece of carob tree trunk

with two mirror glass IDs and a microchip.


We live in a world where we judge without knowing.

The human being and his eternal duality are held in a

very fine thread between the natural and the unnatural.


Identity is based on beeing, so it can never be removed, 

except that one goes ill.


A fight that encompasses immense conflicts, wars, identities and passions.

Coupling - Metaphysics and ethics

Installation- performance

Glass mirrors, blue yarn, elastic band

1,62 x 200 x 200 cm

© 2019




































Coupling - Metaphysics and ethics is a work that uses the crystalline

material of glass to expel the illusions and confronts us with ourselves.




Glass arrows, feathers

39,5 x 30 x 2 ,5 ø cm 

© 2019

Movement and Static Universe

Mixed media

Acrilyc paint, drawing on paper, glass insects -framed

92 x 128 x 4 cm

© 2019


Glass, red plastic, drawing on glass

25 x 25 x 3 cm

© 2016



Photo print in mat acrylic glass,  alu-dibond

90 x 60 cm

©2014 / 2020

Aphonie of Mirrors

Glass, metal, wood

15 x 80 x 20 cm

© 2014
















The piece Aphonie of mirrors is based of on the repression of Freedom.

 Loneliness...To overcome that feeling is to surpass yourself.


"...the fact of expressing oneself in life, without 

your own opinion is like having lived dead...

...the subjects are restrained..." Michel Foucault

Mirrors Illustration

Glass mirror drawings, hand engraved, wood

30 x 150 x 6 cm

© 2014

Mirror in the mirror


Glass mirror, video projection

200 x 200 x 200 cm

© 2014

Mirror room

Glass mirror, porcelain, water, bed sheet

30 x 30 x 30 cm

© 2013


Lampwork glass hanger, wood

40 x 40 x 4 cm

© 2013

Presence 2

Lampwork glass needle, wood box

10 x 10 x 3 cm

© 2013


Glass mirror, blown glass heads, fish, metal, water, wood

120 x 150 x 150 cm

© 2013



Photo print in mat acrylic glass,  alu-dibond

90 x 60 cm

© 2012/2021



Mixed media

Glass, photographies, plaster, wax, wood, acrilyc paint

180 x 150 x 150 cm

© 2012

Suppressed adrenalin

Blown glass, wood

26 x 17 x 17 cm

© 2011